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  • Why do I need Business Funding?
    There are endless reasons why a business owner requires business funding here are a few. It could be as simple as an outstanding invoice has not been received yet and you need a quick bridge to cover a payroll. Or maybe a vital piece of equipment breaks down and needs to be replaced immediately but you don't want to go into your personal savings account to cover the large expense, sometimes its much better to repay it using the cashflow the business generates over a period of time. Other times you may want to hire additional staff, do an upgrade, expand or launch an aggressive marketing campaign using OPM (other peoples money). Sometimes an amazing opportunity presents itself to purchase inventory at huge discounts but the vendor requires it to be paid in full on delivery and you are not that liquid at the moment. As you can see there can be any number of reasons why your business could significantly benefit using working capital injections.
  • What are my options?
    There are many options available to depending on the circumstances surrounding what you need the funding for. For example we offer programs for clients that already have existing loans out against the business but need to consolidate into a lower payment to free up cashflow. Other programs available can give you additional injections of capital even if you currently have outstanding loans but still need a quick bridge to cover some additional expenses, these are similar to the way a bank gives a second and third mortgage except we refer to them as positions and we can go as far out as 10th position provided that the cashflow of the business can sustain an additional position. We have amazing 1st and 2nd position programs going up to $5 million.
  • What if I have bad credit?
    Bad credit is not a deal breaker for us as we focus primarily on the cashflow of the business and its ability to sustain our payments. We have funded clients that have recently filed bankruptcy whose business was able to comfortably handle our repayments. We focus on building long term funding relationships with our clients and understand unexpected things happen more often than not throughout the life cycle of running a business.
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