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Our Funding Programs

Consider our various funding programs to take the next step to find the funding your business needs.

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SBA 7a Term Loans

Term loans are a great option if you and your business are able to qualify. They require everything as a conventional bank in order to qualify. You personal credit must be above a 650, you must have 2 years personal and corporate tax returns showing an upward growth trend, you must provide P&L, balance sheet, a personal financial statement plus show there is enough available capital as a cushion to cover a few months of payments in the event of any unexpected circumstances. 

Donating Money

Reverse Consolidations

These are ideal for merchants that are too over leveraged to qualify for additional working capital but need to free up some cashflow and like the idea of weekly injections to cover their total weekly debt payments but are only required to repay a fraction of that every week. The remaining portion will be extended until after the original positions are paid off. 

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Revenue Based Funding

Revenue based funding is a great option for merchants that are looking for access to quick, No Hassle Funding without having to provide an endless supply of documents. These are easily obtained usually by completing a quick one page application and submitting the last quarter's business bank statements (the last 3 months). These are the easiest to qualify for as they are primarily based on the business cashflow and outstanding debt. These can be funded sometimes as quickly as the same day and they don't weigh heavily on the personal credit score. This program purchases future receivables at todays discount. 

Line of Credit (LOC)

This program operates similar to a credit card, you are approved for a certain limit which you can draw from as you need. You are only charged fees during the time you have withdrawn the money. As you pay it back you have that amount available again to draw from. These are great for merchants that have an ongoing need for short term capital and don't want to continue going through the approval process every time you need to take out some capital. These come with monthly and weekly repayment terms depending on what your prefer.

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